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Why become a member?

There are lots of reasons to become a member of the Big Island of Hawaii Region SCCA and the most important one is so you can participate in our motorsports events. Insurance restrictions allow only members to drive or be a passenger at our track events. We offer a special ‘weekend membership’ program that let’s you credit your first ‘weekend membership’ toward a full membership so you can give it a try.

If you like cars, and enjoy driving like we do, you’ll want to become a member. With membership comes a card that gets you discounts and gives you access to SCCA events from Guam to Puerto Rico and across the United States. The SCCA membership card is recognized and respected by racing organizations all over the world.

The Big Island of Hawaii Region is a RACING REGION, co-sanctioning the Trans-Pacific Exchange Road Racing event with Washington State's Northwest Region SCCA. So, if you are serious about motorsports, the Big Island of Hawaii Region of the SCCA is ready for you to participate!

There's something for everyone. In addition to racing events, we participate in community events, conduct social events, and hold our car control clinics during the year.

Our goal is to provide fun and togetherness around our chosen sport.

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